Best Paying Jobs in Technology in 2022

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If you want to make a career change in IT, these are the best-paying jobs in technology in 2022. Keep reading till the end of the article.

Almost every aspect of our lives has been transformed by technology. In this ever-changing field, innovations and businesses are founded daily. With all this development, there are numerous opportunities for those seeking a career in technology.


But what are the highest paying jobs in 2022? This question is frequently asked, but the answer is not always obvious.

The truth is that there are numerous jobs available in the technology industry, each with its own set of benefits.


With the growing demand for new and innovative technologies, there are numerous opportunities for those with the necessary skill sets.


Keep reading this article till the end to get to know the Best paying jobs in technology in 2022.


List of Best Paying Jobs in Technology in 2022

Here are some of the best-paying jobs in technology in 2022. You can choose one of them according to your skills.

Let’s have a look.

1. Web Developer

A web developer is in charge of creating websites with coding languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. A web developer aims to create aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and dependable websites for various purposes. Given that the vast majority of people use the internet to find a product or service they require, web developers are and will continue to be in high demand in the future. The average annual salary for this position is slightly more than $72,000.

2. Cloud Architect

A cloud architect designs optimises, and analyses cloud networks. Cloud architects may have their work cut out, as many organisations today commit to large-scale hybrid architectures. A single organisation may now have up to 200 different software-as-a-service cloud platforms that must all be secured and integrated.

Most cloud architects will have spent years working in the industry as cloud analysts or administrators before becoming cloud architects. Cloud architects are required to have extensive knowledge of modern cloud solutions. Cloud architecture is not only one of the highest-paying jobs in the technology industry, but it is also a very secure position because the cloud is not going anywhere. The average annual salary is around $137,265.

3. Database Administrator

Another one of the best-paying jobs in technology is that of the database administrator. Administrators of databases are responsible for managing the databases used to store, organise, and retrieve data.


The healthcare industry, retail, financial sector, and real estate are just some of the many fields database administrators can find work.


As a database administrator, you will likely be responsible for designing and implementing new databases to meet the business’s goals.


The average salary for a database administrator in the United States is $87,850 annually.

4. Technical Writing

Those looking for the highest paying jobs in the technology industry should consider pursuing careers in technical writing. Because technical writing is considered a tech job but does not require the writer to have any prior experience with coding or programming,


Writing about a specific subject that calls for guidance or instructions is part of the job description for someone specialising in technical writing. This unique form of writing cannot be compared to other types of writing such as academic or business writing.


Instructions for users, press releases, and technical reports are some examples of what these writing jobs entail. Writing instructions for a subject that are simple enough for a customer to understand is something that falls into this category.

A Technical Writer in the United States can expect an annual salary of more than $74,650 on average.

5. AI engineer

Engineers specialising in artificial intelligence (AI) use their knowledge of data engineering, machine learning, data science, and software development to construct, test, and implement intricate networks of algorithms designed to simulate human intelligence. But that’s not the end of it. AI engineers also convert machine learning models into ready-to-use application programming interfaces (APIs), so that other applications can access them.

The terms “AI research scientist,” “business intelligence developer,” and “computer vision engineer” are among the most common titles given to AI engineers. The average annual salary is around $119,297.

6. Product Manager

Being an administrator of the product is likely something that would have been brought to your attention if you had been perusing the list of the highest-paid technical jobs.


An item administrator is a person who helps define boundaries around the item or the engineering group that creates the item and who then oversees the development of the item from the time it is conceived until the time it is shipped out.

These are responsible for developing a stockpile of products, overseeing promotional initiatives, and lending support to the company’s operational approach and overarching vision to implement an operating plan that aids in achieving critical and strategic goals. It’s a high-paying position in the tech industry.


Most item heads make well over $100,000 per year.


7. Internet of Things

An IoT model of arrangements is one of the most in-demand and best-paid jobs in technology. The IoT arrangement modeller is responsible for overseeing the mechanism behind the occurrence of events and the sending and receiving of IoT arrangements.


This is one of the highest-paying jobs in technology. Along with understanding IoT arrangements, it is necessary to have strong programming skills, a grasp of the concept of Machine Learning, and knowledge of engineering and equipment plans. Engineers in charge of IoT configuration are responsible for paving the way.

8. Blockchain Engineers

Engineers who specialise in Blockchain technology have previous experience in the process of developing and putting into practice designs and configurations produced using Blockchain technology.


The total investment in blockchain-related arrangements is anticipated to reach 15.9 billion dollars in 2023. This makes working in the blockchain industry one of the most in-demand and well-paid tech jobs.


Because of this, blockchain specialists will have a significant demand across all sectors and geographic areas. Over $150,000 is the average yearly compensation for blockchain engineers in the industry.

9. Software Engineering Manager

A different career path that allows senior software developers to increase their annual salary significantly by moving up to a managerial position is the software engineering manager career path. They supervise a group of software engineers, provide assistance on larger projects, and mentor young software developers.


Creating a processing platform, analysing, designing, and developing test-automation suites, as well as ongoing system maintenance, are additional responsibilities for software engineering managers.

10. Digital Marketer

In the modern world, digital marketing is essential, and digital marketers advertise particular goods and services to produce leads, conversions, and money for organisations. In addition to having a good technical background, you must have excellent communication abilities. A degree from an accredited college or university is not always necessary. In most cases, the annual salary of a digital marketer is roughly $49,000.

Is Technology a Good Career Path?

Working in tech is rewarding and promising. Each specific tech occupation has its own unique set of requirements. A high-paying technology job is within reach for any tech professional who knows what they want and works hard to get it. Anyone interested in a career as a software architect, database administrator, or IT product manager must keep an eye on the prize.

Bottom Line

When everything is taken into consideration, there are a lot of opportunities to earn high salaries, top-tier bonuses, and great perks with the best-paying jobs in technology; IT professionals, on the other hand, must make a lifelong commitment to self-improvement to reach and maintain their maximum earning potential throughout their careers.

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